Google Questions: Dallas Cowboys Playoff Victories Since Their Last Super Bowl

Once again, someone found this blog by googling a question.  In a relentless effort to keep up with what my readers want (both of you), I’ll answer the questions that people find this site by.  The question was:

How many playoff games have the Dallas Cowboys won since their last Super Bowl appearance?

Short answer: 2

The Dallas Cowboys won their last Super Bowl against the Steelers (remember Larry Brown’s ‘MVP’ performance?) following the 1995 season.  Since that point, they have made seven playoff appearances (1996, ’98, ’99, ’03, ’06, ’07, ’09), but have only advanced twice, and have never gotten past the Divisional Round.  The only first-round bye week the Cowboys have earned since that 1995 Super Bowl win was in 2007, and they were beaten at home by the eventual Super Bowl Champion New York Giants 21-17.  Their playoff games over the last seventeen seasons are as follows:


  • Minnesota Vikings 15 @ Dallas Cowboys 40
  • Dallas Cowboys 17 @ Carolina Panthers 26


  • Arizona Cardinals 20 @ Dallas Cowboys 7


  • Dallas Cowboys 10 @ Minnesota Vikings 27


  • Dallas Cowboys 10 @ Carolina Panthers 29


  • Dallas Cowboys 20 @ Seattle Seahawks 21


  • New York Giants 21 @ Dallas Cowboys 17


  • Philadelphia Eagles 14 @ Dallas Cowboys 34
  • Dallas Cowboys 3 @ Minnesota Vikings 34

I find it interesting that Dallas has made the playoffs less than half the time since 1995 (7 seasons out of 16 possible), won only two of their nine playoff games, lost all five of their road playoff games (while breaking even at home, 2-2), and has not competed in a championship game, but is still considered by most (especially the media) to be one of the toughest wins in the NFL.  Judging by the abundance of media coverage, one would think that the Cowboys are consistently a championship-caliber football team year-in and year-out, but clearly that is not the case.






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2 Responses to Google Questions: Dallas Cowboys Playoff Victories Since Their Last Super Bowl

  1. I think the media perpetrates the myth of the Cowboys being a legitimate contender because they have so many fans and, more importantly, so many anti-fans. Nothing sells better than heroes and villains. Lets face it, almost everyone either loves or hates the Cowboys, much like the Yankees, Lakers, Red Wings and Notre Dame.

    The average fan couldn’t care less if the Carolina Panthers win or lose, but most everyone has some gut reaction to how the Cowboys perform.

  2. [...] them the NFL lead with six Lombardi Trophies.  Hmmm….since that 1996 Super Bowl victory, Dallas has only won two playoff games….two playoff games?  [...]

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