A Couple of Quick Thoughts About The NCAA Football Playoff

Make no mistake: the four-team playoff in college football is a step in the right direction, but it is not the cure for controversy or a permanent fix to determine the true champion.  The only way a four-team playoff is the perfect solution is if there are four undefeated teams, no more, no less, or four one-loss teams, no more, no less.  If any situation or circumstance other than that arises, controversy, nitpicking, and posturing are going to rule the day and leave fans wondering “What if?”.

If there are any more or less teams than four with an equal record, somebody is going to feel left out, and we are going to have to hear the chants of “We got screwed” for the entire off-season.  Now, I have to admit that one of the reasons why I love football is the arguments that are generated throughout the season, but I just can’t stand the complaining that comes with fans thinking they had a shot when they have come up a day late and a dollar short.

It is my opinion that the #3 team has more of an argument of being left out of the national championship picture than the #5 team.  The higher up on the food chain you are in terms of wins and quality wins, the more reason you have to feel left out.  I can just see an 11-1 team (or the fan base of that team) that is ranked #6 complaining that they were robbed of a national title when they wouldn’t even have been considered for it in the BCS era.

My ideal scenario would be to have an eleven game regular season with an eight-team playoff that would end the weekend after New Year’s.  I do think that is going to happen in the near-future, and a four-team playoff is a good first step.


2 Responses to A Couple of Quick Thoughts About The NCAA Football Playoff

  1. I despise the BCS. So for me, this is a good first step. Ideally, it would be unbiased, but bias and reputation always manages to seep in 😉

  2. TaiwanMike says:

    I don’t despise the BCS, but I’m not in favor of it either. I think that every system of determining a champion is better than the one that came before it, and this will be an improvement, but not necessarily the answer.

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