Google Question- Jim Kelly Sneak for a TD

This is just a quick and possibly irrelevant post for today, but please bear with me.

Someone found my blog by Googling “team that Jim Kelly beat with quarterback sneak with two seconds left”.  That team was the Miami Dolphins in the opening week of the 1989 season.  Buffalo won 27-24 in a game that they had no business winning based on how they played for the first 56 minutes of the game.  It was one of thiose games where one team dominates in every way, but just can’t drive the stake all the way through the heart.  Miami took a 24-13 lead late in the fourth quarter, and Buffalo hadn’t done much of anything right the whole afternoon.  The Bills finally put a scoring drive together against Miami’s prevent defense, with Kelly passing to Flip Johnson 26 yards for a touchdown.  Buffalo kicked off, and Marino threw a miserable pass into blanket coverage, and Nate Odomes picked it off.  Buffalo  drove down to the two-yard line and Kelly spiked the ball with two seconds left.  The Bills came out in a shotgun spread formation (back when that was unusual for a goal-line situation), Kelly saw linebacker David Frye shift away from the middle, and he improvised a run and dove into the end zone with no time left.  The rest of the offense was running the pass play that was called in the huddle, and the linemen were even blocking for the pass.  It was one of the ballsiest plays of Kelly’s career.  The Bills went on to win the AFC East by one game (with the Dolphins finishing second).

To whoever searched for that, I hope I could be of service.

Here is the stat sheet for the game:


6 Responses to Google Question- Jim Kelly Sneak for a TD

  1. Wow, that’s a nice summary of that game. I was heartbroken after that game, since at the time Marino had my heart in his hands 😉

    I’ve thought about doing a post on searches, but mine tend to be “poke” and “coffee”. I think I’ll pass on doing that.

  2. RadarLuvsTheTandy says:

    B.S. Michael.
    1. You bought Ace Ventura Pet Detective just because Dan Marino was in it, and you thought he “was dreamy”.
    2. You are a closet Jared Lorenzen FREAK!!!


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