College Football Week Two: What Have We Learned?

Arkansas probably misses Bobby Petrino right about now

It’s really embarrassing to go from being a projected top 10 team to losing a supposed cakewalk game to Louisiana-Monroe.  Games like this are why fans and athletic departments are so often willing to overlook a deficiency in moral fiber.  For all of his faults, Petrino won games.  ‘Winning games’ doesn’t just mean beating Florida, Bama, and LSU.  It also means winning games you’re supposed to win, like Louisiana-Monroe in September.  This one’s going to be tough to come back from.  It’s really hard to get a team’s spirits up after losing to an opponent they were supposed to beat handily.

Steve Spurrier is still Steve Spurrier

Being a South Carolina Alum, I watched the otherwise unwatchable South Carolina/East Carolina matchup last weekend.  Other with being pleased with how backup quarterback Dylan Thompson played, one other thing struck me while watching this game.  Spurrier hasn’t completely given up his old ways at Florida.  The Gamecocks ran a double pass in the fourth quarter for a touchdown (while up 35-3), and threw a deep ball for a touchdown with a minute left (while up 41-10).  The rules of college football rankings encourage top teams to run up the score, but if I were ECU, I would be pissed.  I have no problem with anyone scoring in the fourth quarter of a blowout, I just don’t like it when they go out of the way to do it.

Michigan came into the season overrated

Michigan should beat teams like Air Force by more than six points at home.  I don’t think you can blame the close score on Air Force’s ‘bizarre’ offense (they ran the ball 71 times against Michigan) which is a massive pain in the ass to prepare for.  Michigan has every advantage against teams like Air Force, and should be able to put them away easier than what they did.

I think Michigan will probably win, or at least be in serious contention for, the Big Ten title, but I really don’t think they’re that good.  They are a very average team with a very gifted player at the most important position.  They remind me of Boston College in the early eighties with Doug Flutie.  Michigan is “Big Ten good”, but not a national power.

Missouri and Texas A&M ran out of gas

Both teams came out with guns blazing in their first SEC game(s), but they just couldn’t keep that emotion up forever.  Both teams will compete this year, but they are going to find out the hard way that the SEC is a whole different ballgame.  A&M has twelve games in twelve weeks.  They’re going to get worn out this season.

As a small side note, while watching the Missouri/Georgia game, I noticed something interesting.  Missouri’s two touchdowns came on long passes against broken coverages.  Those are plays that are nice to get, but you also can’t count on them happening all the time.  In this conference, you have to make consistent plays against defenses that know what’s coming.


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