Just a Few Random Thoughts about Today’s College Football Games (September 22, 2012)

  • During the 4th quarter of Notre Dame’s 13-6 win over Michigan, a whistle was blown at the start of the play, and everyone (including myself) assumed that it was a false start penalty against Michigan.  It turned out that some idiot fan blew the whistle from the stands, and every player heard it and acted accordingly. When I head the referee announcement about the whistle, it confirmed that I am not going insane, at least not yet, because I thought that I had heard whistles throughout the game, and there was no stoppages of play.  I think in that situation, the home team should be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct.  I have no problems with legitimate fan noise or rightful home-field advantage, but that is insane that it would be allowed without penalty.  Not that it would have mattered, Notre Dame still out-played Michigan, and deserved to win the game.
  • Congratulations to Old Dominion Quarterback Taylor Heinicke, who broke the NCAA Division-1 record for passing yards in a game with 730 against New Hampshire.  I know it’s not FBS, but think about how long that distance is.  That’s over a third of a mile of real estate against an actual defense, made up of players of the same age and ability level.  He beat Houston’s David Klingler’s old record of 716 yards against Arizona State in 1990.  That Houston team ran the Run ‘n Shoot, and had the habit of running up the score on much weaker opponents (they beat a post-death penalty SMU team 95-21 the year before, and beat Eastern Washington 84-21 two weeks previously).  Old Dominion needed every one of Heinicke’s yards to win 64-61.
  • What is going on with the Big Ten?  There is not a single team in that conference that I can say is a really good team.  Ohio State is struggling to beat teams like Cal and UAB, Michigan is a dysfunctional one-man show, Penn State is Penn State, Michigan State really struggled with Eastern Michigan today and was thoroughly out-classed by Notre Dame last week, Nebraska is nothing special, Wisconsin let UTEP believe they were in the game for a really long time, Central Michigan beat Iowa (which should never happen), and Illinois lost to Louisiana Tech by 28 at home.  The Big Ten as a conference is so slow to watch that it is uncomfortable to watch them.  There is no comparison between them and the Pac-12, SEC, or ACC.  There just is no denying that the Big Ten is down.

I do appreciate other viewpoints, so please comment

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