Just Something To Keep In Mind

So the regular refs are coming back this weekend.  With this news, we discard all of our Cold War-level paranoia, and we can all go back to our normal level of paranoia concerning the officiating.  I have seen many players and coaches rejoicing over the return of the regular refs, and saying how happy they are to have them back on the sidelines.  That sentiment will last until the first time there is a [perceived] missed call.  After that, it will be back to the business-as-usual stance of berating the officials mercilessly.  Nothing has changed, players and coaches are still wary of refs, and the refs are still there to penalize the players and coaches.  The human element is still there, albeit a more accurate human element.


3 Responses to Just Something To Keep In Mind

  1. The players and coaches will be happy for the first twenty minutes 😉

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