Thirteen Years Later, I Still Hate The Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans play at Buffalo at 1 p.m. today in what certainly is not the most publicized match-up of the day.  And yet, the thought of these two teams on the same field at the same time raises my blood pressure.

January 8, 2000.

The last time the Buffalo Bills played in a post-season game.

Against the Tennessee Titans.

Yeah, THAT game was the last time Buffalo set foot on a field past Week 17, and I still hate the Tennessee Titans thirteen years later because of that game.  Even though I know that this is not the same Titan team as it was in 1999 (Titans Owner Bud Adams is the only member of that organization [on the football side of things, administrative or clerical staff doesn’t count] still active that was on the team in 1999), I still hate them.  I hate that every time an NFL team kicks off with a lead and only a few seconds left, some idiot announcer will inevitably say “Remember the Music City Miracle”.  Yeah, thanks.  I’d almost forgotten about it.  I hate that the Titans executed a play that even Van Miller, the longtime radio announcer for the Bills, said that the Bills better watch out for before the play happened.  I hate that the replay review was done on the edge of the stands on Tennessee’s home field, and in the middle of a mob of Titans fans.  Do you think I’m over-reacting?


Try to find the replay official in the middle of that. It’s worse than a freaking “Where’s Waldo” book.

From the opposite angle, two seconds later. Not much better.

The blame for the play and what has happened to the Bills since doesn’t all fall on the Titans, and that’s part of what really enrages me about the play. I hate that the Bills’ special teams were miserable all that year, and it came back to bite them in the worst possible way.  I hate that the Bills front office decided to put a playoff game in the hands of Rob Johnson instead of Doug Flutie because Johnson had the bigger contract and had one worthless win against the Indianapolis Colts, who had nothing to play for in the last game of the regular season.

Ever since that game, the Buffalo Bills’ front office has been in a state of total disarray, and has continued an impressive streak of miserable drafting and bad coaching decisions which has resulted in a race for mediocrity.  Every year, Bills fans have hoped that this is the year.  And for the last thirteen, next year is always the year.

And it all started with the Tennessee Titans.

With that being said, I don’t just want the Bills to win the game today.  I want them to destroy the Titans.  I don’t want any shred of doubt.  It won’t make up for that wildcard playoff game thirteen years ago, but it’s a start in a season where Buffalo is tied for first place in the AFC East.


3 Responses to Thirteen Years Later, I Still Hate The Tennessee Titans

  1. I’m from Texas, and I just hate them on principle. And Adams. Hate him, too. Hate him more than the Titans, but not by much.

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