Historic Matchup Of The Day: Southern Cal vs. UCLA

There are some things that don’t hold up over time.  There’s a reason why we don’t have fins on cars, green shag carpeting in our houses, listen to disco, or run the Single Wing offense (Oh damn, most teams do that nowadays for some godawful, unknown reason).

Forty-five years ago in the Los Angeles Coliseum, #2 (or #4, depending on the poll) USC met #1 UCLA.   OJ Simpson made an incredible 64-yard game-winning touchdown run to cement his status as a Heisman candidate on national TV.  This one holds up over time.

Many people mistake this play for being OJ Simpson’s “Heisman Moment”, but he didn’t win it until 1968.  He was beaten out in ’67 by UCLA quarterback Gary Beban, even though he lost this late season #1 vs. #2 showdown 21-20.  USC would go on to beat #4 Indiana (yes, there was once a time when IU didn’t field a seventh grade flag football team for their actual games) 14-3 in the Rose Bowl to secure the National Championship.


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