Just A Quick Public Service Announcement Regarding Today’s Army/Navy Game

Most football fans will count today as a day off from college football because the only game on is the 113th annual Army/Navy Game.  People say it’s bad football, or the players are smaller and slower, or you’ll never see any of them play in the NFL.  All of that may be true in certain instances, but there are a few excellent reasons to watch this game.

  1. Support your troops and armed forces.  They put themselves in danger to defend your freedoms.
  2. Watch a couple of quirky offenses face off against one another.  The Wishbone/Flexbone/Triple Option isn’t seen very much anymore, but these two teams have been running it for a very long time, and they are proficient at it.  It’s something that’s just a little different than what you see on a typical Saturday afternoon.
  3. This is the only college football game of the year in which every single student from both schools are in attendance, and even if they don’t like football they actually give a damn because these players have to go through the same Academy experience they do, and they represent their academies well.
  4. It’s a virtual guarantee that these players will never play another organized football game after their time at the academies is over, and they play like it is the last game they will ever play.
  5. Army and Navy are two of the last three teams (Air Force) where “student athlete” is true for every player on that roster.  They are earning their degree in the toughest way imaginable, and it is not a cupcake degree.  All of these players in uniform today are basically smart enough to be astronauts, where nowadays there are many scholarship athletes all around the country that would have a hard time finishing a Highlights magazine.

I do appreciate other viewpoints, so please comment

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