Bears Defense Refuses to Tackle Eddie Lacy

As I was watching the Bears/Packers Sunday night game, I saw something you just don’t see much of in the NFL:

The entire Bears defense just quit.

Eddie Lacy was about five yards into his 56-yard touchdown reception off a screen pass, and the entire Bears defense looked as if they all decided that they just didn’t feel like putting forth the effort to tackle Lacy.  About seven of the Bears defenders were jogging as they were trailing the play.

At the time, the Bears were down 28-0 to the Packers, and it looked as if the game was already signed, sealed, and delivered, but these guys are professionals, and there were still two and a half quarters to play at the time.  This seems to be one of those times where the Bears would put in anybody and everybody just to see who wants to play, with the game already being lost at 42-0 at the half.  If you are the Bears’ front office, this is the type of game you look back on come contract time in the off-season.  The Bears came into this game at 3-5, and that means they were still in the playoff hunt prior to this game in a relatively weak NFC.


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