Twenty Dallas Cowboys Players Miss Curfew in London

There is a report that twenty Dallas Cowboys players missed last night’s curfew in London before their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. People are wondering if the Cowboys players aren’t taking the 1-8 Jaguars seriously.

Before jumping to conclusions about the players’ motives in breaking the curfew, remember that these players are still young people in their twenties, and I would bet that very few of them had ever been off the North American continent before now. As someone who has lived overseas before, I can tell you that upon travelling abroad for business, I stayed out much later than I should have just because everything was completely new and different, and they will probably never get this opportunity with their teammates again. Also, the time difference between Dallas and London is six hours, and their internal clocks are probably still out of whack. Even if they were out until 4 a.m., that is still only 10 p.m. Dallas time, which is not unreasonable.

Of course, I could be completely naïve about the situation and the players could have been out all night sampling only the finest in London strip clubs.


I do appreciate other viewpoints, so please comment

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