About Historian’s Football

I am a football fan.  I love football more than life itself.  I can barely remember a time when football didn’t dominate my thoughts.  I love it all: high school (I coach offensive line), college, and the NFL.  I will even watch the CFL during the summer when baseball dominates the American sports scene.

I am also a trained historian.  I have a BA in History and a Masters degree in education.  American history, especially World War II and the Cold War, has always been an obsession of mine.  I get a very strange enjoyment out of discovering little-known facts and decisions and seeing how they affected the world as we know it today.

Also, I do appreciate intelligent commentary of my site and my articles.  Please feel free to comment.




One Response to About Historian’s Football

  1. RadarLuvsTheTandy says:

    Shotgun run. Tecmo Superbowl. Bo jackson. Touchdown.

I do appreciate other viewpoints, so please comment

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