Who I Favor and Why

As with every football fan and historian, I have my biases.  Here are mine:

I can be biased towards my favorite team, the Buffalo Bills, just like any other fan can be towards theirs.

Because I am a Bills fan, and I grew up 450 miles from Buffalo and only got to see about six of their games every year (if that), I watched more AFC than NFC because I wanted to see the Bills highlights at halftime.  Therefore, I may write more about the AFC than NFC.

I have a certain affection for pro-style, split-back offenses because that is what I grew up playing in high school.

I have always liked odd “system” offensives like the Wishbone, the Flexbone (similar to the Wishbone, but with wingbacks set outside the tackles) and the Run and Shoot.

I am not a fan of the current wave of “spread option” attacks that are so common in high schools and colleges today.

I do not like revisionist history, which is taking certain historical facts out of context, over-emphasizing some facts, de-emphasizing others, and creating a self-serving version of “history”.

I did graduate from an SEC school, so all things being equal, I prefer to watch the SEC over most other conferences.

I am slightly biased against the University of Notre Dame.  I grew up in South Bend, Indiana, but neither of my parents are from the area, and I have no family there today.  Unlike most in South Bend, there was not a Fighting Irish flag hanging outside my house.  I have always felt that the University and their athletic department are exclusionary and have received undue ratings and praise from the media just for being Notre Dame without being burdened with details like quality wins or tough scheduling.

I do like an underdog (unless of course, they are playing Buffalo).

Because I spent some time out west, I do enjoy watching teams from the WAC and the Mountain West Conferences.  This probably also relates to me liking the underdog.

I believe that it is impossible and faulty logic to compare players who played the game in different eras.  One cannot make a logical, thoughtful comparison without seeing them play against the same teams and the same players.  Therefore, one could compare Tom Brady to Peyton Manning, but not Tom Brady to Johnny Unitas.


I do appreciate other viewpoints, so please comment

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